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We are an Integrated IT support solutions architect offering IT solutions and services specific to business requirements. Our services enable business to optimize use of technology and processes and help deliver tangible results. We offer the following strategic services that deliver competitive advantage, and are committed to being your long-term and trusted partner.

IT Infrastructure Services
Our portfolio of services covers all aspects of IT infrastructure including Compute, Application Performance Appliances, Application Delivery Controllers, Remote Infrastructure Management Services, Green IT etc., delivering greater business agility, faster time to value and improved operational effectiveness. With vast experience on Microsoft and Open Source platforms, our team uses industry best practices to provide high-quality, end-to-end design, delivery and management of solutions.

IT Advisory Services
This is one space that India is yet to attach a quantitative value to, in true sense. The very fact that vendors will only pitch in with their products, and that most Service Providers even if vendor agnostic actually, as they lack in qualitative approach is what makes an unbiased consultancy a back seat. Advisory services from us shall help you with a huge tangible saving in Infrastructure acquisition cost, Licensing procurements, Man power resource, Power consumption and a distinct ease of manageability. Once signed up, we share with you not just the latest tech trends, but future as well.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics
This space is poised to witness an exponential growth what with its significance now a proven phenomena. The latest tools and technologies help us study our own unstructured data, that too in real time, enabling us to make quick strategic decisions to fuel that extra business growth.

Video Analytics
Resonance technology adds sense to surveillance by automatically extracting meaningful actionable information from digital video based on a rich set of video analytics. Our analytics solutions have been applied in diverse applications such as intelligent monitoring of vehicles, crowds, infrastructure, people and objects, for automatic detection and analysis of events of interest. Especially developed for the tough Indian environment and extensively field-tested, it supports both server-based and edge analytics frameworks.

Resonance leverages its leading-edge technology to power video surveillance systems, reducing costs and improving performance for customers.

ERP Consultancy
Implementing an ERP is like scaling and reaching top of Mount Everest! If this is not done right at the start, you will continue to climb again and again and you will continue to struggle even if you decide to either change your partner or product.

Success of an ERP implementation may depend on parameters beyond the ERP vendor's product and its scope. The 'plug-ins' are as important elements to bridge the small, but important gaps to produce the desired results. Experience, knowledge, understanding and skill-sets come handy in such instances, when ERP implementations seem not to deliver desired results.
If you are able to manage all of the below critical success factors well – you are guaranteed a successful implementation.

  • Partnership between your software vendor (and implementation partners) and your institutional stakeholders – You may not probably manage on your own.
  • Continual selling of ERP to your stakeholders for long term benefits.
  • Identification of Right resource skills – Not just technical / functional; more important is right attitude.
  • Creation of functional ownership.
  • Identify right time and phase for your go-live. Right sequence of the modules.
  • Are you tracking the budget correctly and do you have right budget.
  • Well thought of your project plan and right dependencies.
  • Aggressive project management process.
  • Right project organization culture for quick decision making and issue management.
  • More importantly –Pre-project readiness assessment to cover:

    i. Team effectiveness and resource skills
    ii. Project Leadership
    iii. Basic understanding of project management and methodology
    iv. Internal culture review
    v. Data readiness
    vi. Scope agreement

To build readiness, right scope, review the project plan, approach, methodology and strike right partnership between you and your implementation partners, you need an external view. We respect your investment and struggle.

We are a vendor agnostic advisor with experience in helping clients understand the gaps that may exist beyond the ERP vendor, in the path towards desired results.

Our experience from Indian implementations brings the understanding of the culture and local challenges and constraints. The experience from global MNCs and international implementations brings the Best Practices. Our experienced consultants and Project managers have made failed implementations run.

Migration Services
As Business needs grow, and the Technologies evolve, all of Applications (including Database), Infrastructure (OS, Middleware, Hardware) may go for an upgrade, or an altogether new model/ product as replacement. This can be really challenging as the migration activity need to be done seamlessly, meaning, neither any downtime, nor any drop in operational speed/ efficiency adversely affected be accepted.

Enterprise Security
With our experience in developing and implementing security strategies, we can help design a enterprise security solutions that addresses your specific needs and compliance requirements, while cracking down on risk. Our Security Professional Services include:

  • Web Security Gateway
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Endpoint protection
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
IT Audits
Audits are exercised either to be compliant or to increase productivity or both. Normally industry bodies legislate the members to be compliant; Resonance helps understand the protocols and comply.
Resonance' IT Audits services include:
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • ISO 27001
  • Wireless Network Strength
  • Core IT internal audits, such as general computer controls, information security, pre- and post-implementation reviews, and database and network audits
  • IT audits of advanced and emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, social media, mobile devices and end user computing.
NGDC (Next Generation Data Centre) Design
Data Centre design is not only about the IT elements, but also about various non-IT elements like Precision Air Conditioning, Access Control System, Surveillance, Specialized Civil and Electrical works, Water Leakage Detection, Rodent Control and help Certification.

Business Continuity Services
From hardware failure to a natural disaster Resonance' Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solutions help reduce the risk and impact a disaster may have on your company. We customize our recovery solutions to your priorities, concerns, and risks so you can reassure your clients that your company will be able to assist them in a time of crisis.
Our Disaster Recovery Services include :
  • Systems recovery in either "hot," "warm," or "cold" sites.
  • Data backup and recovery
  • E-mail rapid recovery
Corporate Training
Resonance is an IT professional and end-user training provider ensuring that your internal staff can focus on their core competency leaving the knowledge dissemination to us.
Our professional training services allow you to:
  • Ensure your staff is up-to-date on the latest skills and certifications.
  • Keep maintenance costs low with trained, in-house support.
  • Minimize downtime.
Enterprise Mobility
The consumerization of technology and BYOD are transforming the corporate IT landscape. Through our partnerships with the leading providers of mobile device, application, and content management solutions, we can assist you in selecting the services that best fit your organization's needs. Our team can also work with your enterprise IT team to plan, implement, and administer the mobility management solution of your choice.
These folks completed my project better than expected and ahead of schedule. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Communication was excellent. I highly recommended their services.
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