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Converged Systems for HANA
SAP solutions are at the heart of many organizations, but many SAP environments run on too many databases with too many tools, making it difficult to share, manage, and protect data. To compete, you need to shift your focus from maintaining infrastructure to maximizing the business value of information. Today, SAP customers are looking to SAP HANA to enable real-time data access for the insight needed to respond quickly to business needs and market trends.

Whatever your target use case is for SAP HANA, Resonance can lay out an adoption strategy that matches your needs today and can grow at your pace into the future.

The primary capabilities of SAP HANA are to store information in primarily columnar format that can compress and store massive amounts of information in main memory, utilize parallel processing on multiple cores on the Intel architecture and move data intensive calculations from the applications layer into the database layer for even faster processing. Since all the detailed data is available in main memory and processed on the fly, there is no need for aggregated information and materialized views, fundamentally simplifying the architecture and hence reducing latency, complexity and cost. In business terms, this means that complex analyses, plans and simulations can be done based on real-time data and made available immediately.

HP and SAP have partnered to deploy HANA on two versions of ConvergedSystem. The first, is the HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA, an entry-level system that scales up to medium-sized SAP landscapes whilst the other being the HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA delivering massive capacity and extreme availability for the largest SAP HANA environments.

Both solution offerings include:

  • Tightly integrated HP servers, storage, networking, management software, and SAP HANA software
  • HP factory configuration, testing, and rapid on-site deployment services
  • Simplified, solution-level support, including proactive and reactive services
  • Automated, unattended HA and disaster tolerant capabilities for the SAP HANA database with HP Serviceguard for SAP HANA for scale-up configurations

We express our extreme satisfaction with Resonance's exceptionally high and consistent quality. Resonance is very responsive to any feedback received. We really appreciate the positive, constructive responses that the resonance team has given so consistently throughout the deployment process. Overall, a nice job!
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