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Internet of Things
The Internet of things (IoT) means just an environment that gathers information from multiple devices (computers, smartphones, vehicles, traffic lights, and almost anything with a sensor) and applications (anything from a social media app like Facebook, Twitter to an e-commerce platform, from a manufacturing system to a traffic control system). We’ve been hearing about intelligent refrigerators and product packaging for years, but now, thanks to relentless price/performance improvements in the enabling technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) has finally arrived. Indeed, the IoT has the potential to disrupt and reconstruct the supply chain of every industry, radically improving the efficiency of manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and customer service. Marketing, for example, can become truly scientific, not based on sample data but on complete data. What items are bought together? How are they actually used, and by whom, and when, and in what combinations?

With the IoT, change is not only imminent - it’s armed and dangerous. Especially if you’re big, bureaucratic or built around protecting “business as usual” - traits that describe too many Asian businesses. We believe there are two primary ways that enterprises and entrepreneurs can take full advantage of the transformational opportunities the Internet of Things represents—the invention of new IoT products or services, and the optimization of business operations to deliver new services, upset long-standing business models, and find new and radical ways to connect people to the world around them.

Impact on Business

  • Ubiquitous services for connected consumers
  • Open source and collaborative business models
  • The optimization of things: towards a truly sustainable development

The number of things connected to the Internet now exceeds the total number of humans on the planet, and we’re accelerating to as many as 50 billion connected devices by the end of the decade. For manufacturers, the implications of this emerging “Internet of Things” are huge. The rise of the IoT has been driven by the convergence of market forces and parallel innovation of enabling technologies.
To capture this great wave of value creation opportunity, manufacturers have an urgent need to rethink nearly everything — from how products are created, operated, and serviced. Those who don’t, place their current competitive advantage at risk. Together, this has the potential to reduce waste and inefficiency and improve safety and environmental sustainability, causing a new wave of increased productivity. In their vision, three key elements comprise the Industrial Internet: Intelligent Machines, Advanced Analytics, and People at Work. Although significant capital, research, and planning are needed to realize the full potential of the Industrial Internet, we are confident that these investments will pay off with immediate, long-lasting, and widespread benefits.


Resonance is helping organizations create the Internet of Things (IoT) by leveraging cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security technologies. We believe that the next wave of IoT value creation will be led by those who are focused on inventing new capabilities based on instrumentation and intelligence, and by those that leverage intelligence to create and operate complex interconnected systems.


Resonance builds custom-designed IoT analytics solutions that help you understand the physical nature of things, the relationships between things, and the data they generate. We’ll tap into our extensive industry expertise to provide the insights you need to understand and optimize how the “things” in your world act, securely integrating their data with your processes. And we enable your back-end systems to be open to supporting a full range of applications, allowing you to confidently and rapidly apply real-time IoT insights to your business.

It was a great experience working with Resonance, fantastic customer service; well above and beyond my expectations. The project was finished to my satisfaction and I'm actually going to give them another project. I do recommend them.
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