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Wearable Computing
Wearables' value comes from introducing technology into previously prohibitive environments—where safety, Logistics, or even etiquette have constrained traditional technology solutions. Wearables can be the first seamless way to enable workers with digital information—especially where hands-free utility offers a clear advantage. For example, using wearables, workers in harsh environmental conditions can access data without removing gloves or create records without having to commit data to memory and then moving to a sheltered workstation.

The primary goal of wearables is to enable users to take real-world actions by providing relevant, contextual information precisely at the point of decision making. Wearables shine in scenarios where using a laptop, phone, tablet, or other conventional device may not be appropriate as well as in making use of the data gathered by sensors. Meeting this goal requires generating data in real time and intelligently pushing it to a device or devices according to the user's current context—just-in-time digital Logistics. These use cases suggest that wearables may be most valuable deep in an organization's operations, rather than in customer-facing applications.

Impact on Business
The wearable market  is already growing at a rate five-times faster than the smartphone revolution. Not only are wearables something that businesses of today can't ignore, this new frontier is creating huge opportunity when it comes to their better connecting to customers, partners, and employees. Companies who embrace this next wave of mobile can differentiate themselves and gain a huge competitive advantage.

With the proliferation of wearable computing, Resonance can focus on unparalleled levels of customer service, Medical device reps, oil rig workers, and multitudes of other remote service technicians will have access to live data unlike ever before. In addition, wearable glasses should allow them to review plans and get coaching, all hand-free and in real-time.

Imagine a cloud platform where we can build applications that connect any and every business process to wearable devices. Examples include everything from a smartwatch that prods the wearer when their urgent approval is needed on a document, to a wristband that controls security access to infrastructure, to fitness tracking devices that encourage employees to get healthy and participate in workforce exercise challenges.

The retail sector stands to benefit immensely as customers could be recognized when they stepped foot into their business, but could also use this information to anticipate their needs and provide a unique experience while they are there. Wearable devices, such as a wristband, will connect customer data with destinations so a customized real-time journey can be delivered. In addition, actions like pulling out a wallet or a hotel key will become obsolete. Wearable computing is real-time, we will be living it; we won't be glancing at it.

It has been real pleasure working with Resonance this year. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders with innovative solutions and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given us.
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