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In-Memory computing
In-memory computing (IMC) is the storage of information in the main random access memory (RAM) of dedicated servers rather than in complicated relational databases operating on comparatively slow disk drives.

Consider operational datasets typically stored in a centralized database which you can now store in "connected" RAM across multiple computers. RAM, roughly, is 5,000 times faster than traditional spinning disk. Add to the mix native support for parallel processing, and things get very fast. Really, really, fast. RAM storage and parallel distributed processing are two fundamental pillars of in-memory computing.
With businesses demanding faster and easy access to information in order to make reliable and smart decisions, In-memory processing is gaining attention enabling users to have immediate access to right information which results in more informed decisions.

Impact on Business
In-memory computing helps business customers, including retailers, banks and utilities, to quickly detect patterns, analyze massive data volumes on the fly, and perform their operations quickly.

This technology is a real change agent delivering capabilities that were never thought of before. Imagine Financial institutes and banks, for example, can calculate and asses their risk in near-real time, throughout the day.

IMC is beginning to unleash a wave of innovation that's not built on Big Data per se, but on Big Ideas, ideas that are suddenly attainable. It's blowing up the costly economics of traditional computing that frankly can't keep up with either the growth of information or the scale of demand.

It is all about running the business, growing the business, and transforming the business, and the business impact of this technology is multifold.


Before a project is implemented, only the performance gain is considered as relevant, other factors and results are neglected. When the IMC-engine is running, incredible performance can be seen and measured.

IMC is the future of computing but requires a clear strategy for all steps from evaluation to implementation. This includes, but is not limited to, the identification and evaluation of opportunities for the utilization of IMC, business case development, management of the implementation as well as learning and change management for pilot schemes and rollouts. Resonance can help organizations to follow a clear and well worked-out strategy offering a massive potential not only in TCO reduction but across all four value dimensions: performance, process innovation, simplification, and flexibility.

It has been real pleasure working with Resonance this year. They have lifted a weight off our shoulders with innovative solutions and we really appreciate all the help and support they have given us.
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