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Big Data
Buoyed by the proliferation of the internet, smartphones, social media and other digital outlets, the Big Data revolution is afoot. The Term "Big Data" refers to IT or Machine data which is generally unstructured & is associated with 3Vs namely: Velocity, Variety & Volume. The promise of data-driven decision-making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of "Big Data". This data is usually coming in from various sources like, Web Click Streams, Sensors, IT Infra elements, mobile devices, RFID, Packaged Apps & tons of known & unknown data source.

The Value of data explodes when it can be linked with other data, thus data integration is a major creator of value. Decision that previously was based on guesswork, or on painstakingly constructed models of reality, can now be made based on the data itself. Such Big Data analysis now drives nearly every aspect of our modern society, including mobile service, retail, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences and physical sciences.

Impact on Business
The influx of data is putting a strain on IT infrastructure with reports on slowdown of IT systems augmented with data security problems. Despite the challenges, organizations do recognize there is value in the flood of data, from improved business forecasts to reduced uncertainty in decision-making and improved competitive positioning.

Across all industries, including government, healthcare, media, energy, among others, data is becoming central to business operations and changes the way their businesses operate. Business leaders have reported their current IT infrastructure allows employees to get the data they need at the speed they need it.

We believe organizations can never have too much data. Bigger is definitely better. The more data you can collect the finer-grained the results can be.

Here's the roundup on business impact:
  • Improved decision making
  • Engage customers
  • Create market insights
  • Accelerate bottom line
  • Business sustainability


Our strength is in understanding various types of data formats, to be able to pull the relevant information & present them in a context best suited to solve a problem or to carry out an analysis.

Resonance's Vision is to coexist with leaders in Big Data Space & to be able to create a distinction for us for being the most innovative & reliable Big Data company for our customers.

Resonance immediately understood what we were trying to achieve with this project. The consultants were very much 'hands-on' and dedicated to delivering a quality feedback system, tailored to GoldenSource' specific needs.
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