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Who we are
We are 'Technology Carriers'.
We are an 'IT Consulting, Business Solutions and Services Management' organization that help integrate your business with IT operations, optimally. We cover almost every aspect of the entire IT spectrum for an integrated eagle's eye approach and it's a big value from a customer's perspective to have a single window manageability.

From the erstwhile times when IT used to be modular, what with every Application almost assuming a silo shape unto itself, IT today is converged, and unified. From a manageability perspective, that's a huge plus. Besides, the economics have to be attractive. Fortunately, IT today has evolved enormously by way of:

  • Heterogeneous compatibility,
  • Springing up of Virtualization concept,
  • Open Source coming of age.
  • Advent of the Cloud (pay per usage/ subscription) model
This throws up a world of opportunities for the customer to choose, and make an informed decision, while the monopolistic approach of the vendors have been done away with. From a product oriented silo, elemental approach, IT evolved to 'Solutions'. The Resonance Approach is built on the Resonance Vision, which supports four cornerstone tenets. These cornerstones are:
  • Operational Efficiency: To maximize technology utilization increasing the productivity.
  • Cost Optimization: To explore if there are possibilities of cutting down IT cost maintaining the same output.
  • Return on Investments: To explore if an additional IT investment shall help increase business output and efficiency.
  • Business Process Improvement: To establish Governance, Risk, Control and Compliance achieving more efficient results.
The four cornerstones mutually support one another, and are strengthened by the commitment of Resonance professionals. A synergy exists between the four cornerstones that make The Resonance Approach a strong foundation upon which to build customer relation and support services to growing businesses.

Resonance believes in transforming ideas and concepts through to fruition by providing leading edge technology and business domain knowledge. We help our clients connect to their customers and vendors more effectively so that they are able to keep pace with the rapidly changing dynamics of IT and leverage technology making effective and informed decisions.
Resonance have provided the high quality solution that our clients require. They have an ease of communication and clarity of understanding of our needs. After a few unsuccessful efforts to build our product on a tight budget, we were referred to Resonance. Their excellent solutions resources combined with highly available project management saved us a lot of time and money.
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